Get Married In Hawaii

Tie The Knot in Hawaii!

Hawaii offers many different wedding venues, you will find beach weddings, church weddings, traditional style weddings, and even celebrity weddings. The industry is huge here, and planning your perfect wedding is really a challenge. There are so many venues, planners, rules, regulations, fees that it can seem like a major hurdle to get married in Hawaii.

We label each home that offers weddings, and can give you lots of accurate info on the capacity and venues. Private wedding retreats in Hawaii are our thing! Let us help you find the perfect fit!

While we don't help you plan the weddings, as we are in the business of accommodation, we have worked with many of the great and not so great planners, caterers and photographers. We can help guide you to having a smooth, and stress-free ceremony and wedding venue.

Look for our wedding section on each home that offers weddings.

Please let us know when you inquire to us that you want to have a wedding or party at the property.